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Private, Sovereign, and Modular Blockchains for Network States

Nomos is a novel blockchain project that will address a network state's fundamental need for adaptable privacy and sovereignty.

High-level project goals



Nomos is prioritising privacy for both users and infrastructure providers. At the app level developers choose how much identifying and transaction information users may disclose, while validators and delegators are able to shield their participation in the network.



Communities have the ability to adopt the initial network state, or fork it based on a new set of rules they wish to establish. Users may remain on the initial blockchain, migrate to the new one, or be in both.



Nomos has an integrated modular architecture separating data availability, coordination, and execution. Modular design is essential for combining decentralisation with scalability through layer-specific resource pricing.



Privacy and sovereignty are fundamental to Nomos' mission. Because they exist on a spectrum, Nomos is building mechanisms that allow both to be adapted and expanded based on the needs and maturity of a network state.

Logos Network State

Nomos is the blockchain layer of the Logos Network State. Logos is a grassroots movement to provide trust-minimised, corruption-resistant governing services and social institutions to peaceful people worldwide.

Learn more about our ambitious vision.

2024 Q1 & Q2

Full specification of the base layer

2024 Q3

Testnet base layer implementation

2024 Q4

Full specification of the coordination layer

2025 Q1 & Q2

Testnet coordination layer implementation

2025 Q3

Mainnet base plus coordination layer launch

2025 Q4

Specification and implementation of execution zones

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